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isiah medina

faithful non employment by alexandre galmard - i have worked since march with all pay going towards credit bureau and day out of credit card debt find out the store is closing capitalism wants to fire some of you communism all of you the justice of free time to work on working-through without superegoic guilt of negative judgment (you are employed, you are not employed, you are unemployed - infinitely infinite judgment you are non-employed to suspend distinction between positive and negative judgment that does not defer: the double suspension of employment or available jobs but the assertion that work exists, the universal condition of work where a true worker under conditions produces universality - which appears as no-thing in the world - to separate no-thing from nothingness, to produce what counts as no-thing - to subtract from the objectivity of exchange or use value - there are historically specific ways of doing no-thing in each transcendental organization of a world - dialectics suspends dialectics, producing what suspends it, while being the suspension of suspension of dialectics - to not hypostasize one form of negation, to subtract from negation and work through all the forms of negation, to remain materialist - to work on no-thing, to invent new forms of no-thing in the non-world of the market. a free time or maybe it is a false category, leisure time, perhaps it is to be poor of time, to be immediately within the consequences of justice and equality rather than the search for free time, where leisure time is simply within the injunction of to live now - the invention of leisure time where the worker only feels free when having sex, eating, or drinking in leisure giving the worker the fake idea that you are only free in the now of your bodily functions (this is why boyhood is deeply reactionary in its ending ‘it is always like right now’ and the mother ‘what’s next? my funeral?’ that is, living only in the now, where the now vanishes into the next now until the vanishing vanishes and the worker dies - the question of cinema is never the now but the presentation of the present¬†

But there do exist, I can assure you, souls that are feeling and pure; it exists, that tender, imperious and irresistible passion, the torment and delight of magnanimous hearts; that deep horror of tyranny, that compassionate zeal for the oppressed, that sacred love for the homeland, that even more sublime and holy love for humanity, without which a great revolution is just a noisy crime that destroys another crime; it does exist, that generous ambition to establish here on earth the world’s first Republic.

"an attempt at cinema" that "reminds us one must attempt to live"

If one insists on counting, this second immediate is, in the course of the method as a whole, the third term to the first immediate and the mediated. It is also, however, the third term to the first or formal negative and to absolute negativity or the second negative; now as the first negative is already the second term, the term reckoned as third can also be reckoned as fourth, and instead of a triplicity, the abstract form may be taken as a quadruplicity; in this way, the negative or the difference is counted as a duality. The third or fourth is in general the unity of the first and second moments, of the immediate and the mediated. 

G. W. F. Hegel, Science of Logic, 836 


InsideVoices-002 on Flickr.
Probably my favorite of the stills I grabbed for the Inside Voices press kit.