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isiah medina

But there do exist, I can assure you, souls that are feeling and pure; it exists, that tender, imperious and irresistible passion, the torment and delight of magnanimous hearts; that deep horror of tyranny, that compassionate zeal for the oppressed, that sacred love for the homeland, that even more sublime and holy love for humanity, without which a great revolution is just a noisy crime that destroys another crime; it does exist, that generous ambition to establish here on earth the world’s first Republic.

"an attempt at cinema" that "reminds us one must attempt to live"

If one insists on counting, this second immediate is, in the course of the method as a whole, the third term to the first immediate and the mediated. It is also, however, the third term to the first or formal negative and to absolute negativity or the second negative; now as the first negative is already the second term, the term reckoned as third can also be reckoned as fourth, and instead of a triplicity, the abstract form may be taken as a quadruplicity; in this way, the negative or the difference is counted as a duality. The third or fourth is in general the unity of the first and second moments, of the immediate and the mediated. 

G. W. F. Hegel, Science of Logic, 836 


InsideVoices-002 on Flickr.
Probably my favorite of the stills I grabbed for the Inside Voices press kit.

to freely reject the right to literacy for the equality of movies - to see the Republic, think it concretely, life living life without presentation of empirical evidence, only demonstrations - not knowing or ignoring the law, but demonstrating justice. The synthesis between law and justice is in this very distance.

Plug In Institute of Contemporary Art - 460 Portage Ave - August 21 - 8pm

Love and politics have inverse numericity: in politics the state has an errant infinity of power over the simple infinity of the situation. The precise naming of the antagonism produces a 2 (to compare two sizes of infinity) to attempt to measure the immeasurable excess of the state. A state death allows us to dispense with the categories of right and freedom and thinks the 1 of equality. Love moves from the 1 to the 2 of the couple, to the infinitely infinite re-enchantment of the world. 

Ici et ailleurs 
1976. Jean-Luc Godard and Anne Marie Mieville. 53 min.

Mr. Roger’s Neighbourhood and Sp(eye) Gam3z 
2012. Gina Telaroli. 18 min.

2014. Alexandre Galmard. 15 min.

[A M V]
2014. Douglas Dixon-Barker. 5 min.

Ars Colonia & Buenas Noches, Espana 
2011. Raya Martin. 70 min.

Colour Test #3, Colour Test #4, These Days 
2014. Phil Coldiron. 3 min.

Europa 2005-27 octobre
2006. Jean-Marie Straub and Daniele Huillet. 10 min.

Images from Ferguson + iPhone footage of cops in Winnipeg

Excerpt from La Commune (Paris, 1871) 
2000. Peter Watkins. 15 min.